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Tap into OneSwap’s New Feature

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As the external factors become more uncertain since the first quarter of 2022, the crypto market has kept fluctuating. Recently, it is reported that the Federal Reserve might hike up interest rates by 50 basis points in May, and the crypto market would go through a sharp price correction along with the US stock market. According to alternative.me, Crypto Fear & Greed Index has seen wide swings during the past three months and plummeted at 11 (0 means “extreme fear”). Generally speaking, market fears have increased over the recent period, and the excitement has been dampened, which is related to the recent volatility of the crypto market.

Source: alternative.me

Many investors believe that the crypto market would witness a period of volatility if the Fed were to raise interest rates by a scale that exceeds market expectations in May. That said, couldn’t we profit from market swings?

In fact, investors can still profit during market swings. PREDICTION, which is a new feature that OneSwap will soon launch, allows investors to bet on crypto rises/falls and win prizes. With PREDICTION, investors will be able to profit whether the crypto price goes up or down.

Profit from PREDICTION despite market swings

According to official news, OneSwap will introduce a new feature called “PREDICTION” on April 29. After the function is launched, investors who hold CET can easily win prizes by betting on the market trend of a certain crypto per round (every ten minutes).

Suppose that OneSwap opens a BTCUSDT prediction market, and users could then predict the USDT worth of BTC 10 minutes later and choose “Bet on rise” or “Bet on fall” and submit the amount of bet (CET). The bet would be temporarily deposited into the Prize Pool until the end of the round, and winners can get back their bet and earn prizes.

As PREDICTION only accepts CET, OneSwap will also kick off a Prediction Trial Fund Competition that offers free CET trial funds to users on April 23. Please follow OneSwap on Twitter (@OneSwap: https://twitter.com/OneSwap) to stay updated.

Activity website:https://gleam.io/competitions/ccSRs-oneswap-prediction-trial-fund-competition

After this new feature goes live, OneSwap will also launch the “Win Rate Ranking Reward Game” that will last from April 29 to 09:00 on May 6 (UTC). The winning records of all users who have made a bet via PREDICTION during this period will be covered by the Win Rate Ranking. After the event ends, the top 3 winners who have placed no less than 50 bets will receive incredible CET rewards.

According to the official announcements, OneSwap will kick off a series of events relating to the new function over the recent period. All users who followed @OneSwap on Twitter could win the following rewards:

  1. Collect CET trial funds for PREDICTION on April 23;
  2. Earn prizes by betting on price trends via PREDICTION on April 29;
  3. The top 3 winners of the Win Rate Ranking Reward Game who have placed at least 50 bets before May 6 will get CET rewards.

Drive growth through innovation & build a thriving DeFi ecosystem

OneSwap is a fully decentralized transaction protocol based on smart contracts. It does not require permission to list tokens and supports automated market-making (AMM) and the order book. In addition, OneSwap improves user-platform interactions via the built-in OneSwap Wallet, providing one-stop transaction experiences.

Since its inception on September 19, 2020, OneSwap has been running safely and stably on multiple public chains, covering ETH, CSC, TRON, and BSC. Moreover, it has continued to introduce innovative features and optimize existing functions to create differentiated advantages. Unlike other liquidity mining products, OneSwap has introduced an AMM-based on-chain order book enabled by smart contracts, which increases the liquidity of users’ crypto assets and solves the liquidity challenges facing DeFi. In terms of smart contracts, OneSwap uses a flexible data structure to minimize gas fees for users and charge lower transaction fees. In February 2022, OneSwap launched multi-crypto merged mining, which allows users to mine more types of cryptos. PREDICTION, a new OneSwap function coming soon, helps investors win prizes through crypto volatility and will start a betting spree after it goes live.

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