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Swiss public exchange lists two new carbon-neutral crypto ETPs

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Two new carbon-neutral cryptocurrency exchange-traded products (ETPs) have been launched on the Six Swiss Exchange, bringing the total number of crypto ETPs to 155.

The SIX Swiss Exchange just announced on Monday that Helveteq is introducing two new crypto exchange-traded products (ETPs), Bitcoin (Bitcoin Zero / BTCO2) and Ethereum (Ether Zero / ETH2O), becoming the third crypto ETP issuer to join SIX in 2022.

An ETP is a derivative financial instrument that trades based on assets such as commodities, currencies, share prices, or interest rates. The BTCO2 and ETH2O ETPs seek to expose investors to the world’s two most valuable cryptocurrencies while offsetting their carbon footprints. They are part of the “crypto goes carbon neutral” campaign led by Helveteq in conjunction with the Swiss fintech innovation lab at the University of Zurich.

Christian Katz, CEO of Helveteq, said it is vital to provide carbon-neutral crypto ETPs while commenting on the latest listing. He added that:

“Awareness of the link between the environment and the blockchain economy is rising fast and we all must work together to find sustainable solutions. That’s why Helveteq sponsors and cooperates with the University of Zurich for research in this field, based on which we compensate the carbon footprint of our Zero ETP family.”

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Many crypto ETPs have been created since the world’s first crypto ETP was launched on the Swiss SIX Exchange in December 2018. The Amun Crypto Basket ETP (HODL), which tracks five major cryptocurrencies, was introduced in 2018 as the platform’s first ETP.

On Jan 13, SIX announced the BTCetc Bitcoin ETP (BTCE) trading, allowing investors to gain exposure to the world’s most valuable cryptocurrency in a new way. The platform provides access to 240 cryptocurrencies-based products. According to the announcement, the platform’s trading volume for crypto-related products surged 673% in 2021.

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