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SeatlabNFT’s Journey To Change The Event Business

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From sports events, to live music, to stand-up comedy and beyond – the ticketing business has become profitable for few, clunky for most, and outdated for everyone. A new blockchain-based platform, SeatlabNFT, is changing that. For the fans SeatlabNFT aims to revitalize the ticketing industry by moving tickets on-chain, and leveraging growing NFT technology to execute fast, streamlined, and straightforward ticketing transactions. The platform is based on the NEAR blockchain, allowing for cost-efficient and timely transactions – but the buck doesn’t stop there when it comes to advantages over traditional ticketing providers.

SeatlabNFT is also bringing to market incentives for consumers, free-to-use capabilities for all, and a native platform token that can be utilized for users to reap rewards. Rewards won’t be limited to digital engagement either, as IRL opportunities will keep fans engaged at every touchpoint. Studies show that a majority of GenZ and Millennials value experiences over products, and SeatlabNFT will ensure that fans are engaged through both.

NFTs With True Utilization

For NFTs to turn the corner in broader society, they will require shifting from only art and gamification purposes and moving towards replacing traditional tools with a platform that is more efficient, more user-friendly, and more malleable. Fans and consumers are constantly looking for new ways to connect with their favorite artists, engage with their favorite brands and teams, and reap rewards for their fandom. The next corner of fan and brand engagement includes the likes of community awards, event airdrops, and the true acknowledgment and reward of super-fans and ultra-loyal followers.

Ticketing is particularly conducive to innovation that can open new experiences and opportunities, and SeatlabNFT is addressing just that. The platform will offer the support of a secondary market and offer creators and event organizers the capability to have on-chain revenue splits. For event bookers and orchestrators, managing events and post-show audits just got easier – and for creators, retaining their fair share of revenue just got more transparent. For all stakeholders, ticket legitimacy just got much clearer too, as the underlying blockchain technology can ensure that all tickets are legitimate. This is especially important in an environment where over 10% of tickets are estimated to be fraudulent. In a space where verification of legitimate tickets is often difficult to establish, SeatlabNFT looks to provide unprecedented solutions.

Additionally, the SeatlabNFT team has direct buy-in from the host blockchain NEAR, as the project has received a grant from the NEAR Foundation, alongside seed investments from a variety of venture capital firms.

Up Next For SeatlabNFT: IDO

SeatlabNFT is gearing up for its IDO later this month, which will unveil the platform’s native $SEAT token to the general public for the only time before the team shifts its focus towards traditional cryptocurrency exchange listings.

The token will serve as both an incentivization and utilization tool; users that hold the $SEAT token will be eligible for discounts, staking opportunities, in-person rewards like free events, and much more.

Pre-register for the IDO here.

Following this month’s IDO, the team at SeatlabNFT is already getting ready for bigger and broader platform development, followed by Beta testing, some initial launch parties to build excitement, and a full-scale launch by Q4 2022. Full capabilities run the gambit: from full-scale infrastructure to community access keys and membership cards, as well as album artwork and PFP support, IRL collectible items at events, and more.

For the latest updates from SeatlabNFT, stay tuned to the platform’s Medium channel.

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