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Momentum continues for blockchain shooter game Shrapnel with White Paper release » CryptoNinjas

Momentum continues for blockchain shooter game Shrapnel with White Paper release » CryptoNinjas

Shrapnel, a blockchain-enabled moddable AAA first-person shooter game has released its White Paper and unveiled its roadmap following the completion of a successful private token sale.

The $7 million USD private sale saw participation from major industry players including but not limited to Dragonfly, Defiance, Three Arrows Capital, Mechanism, Sfermion, Spartan, and Overwolf to contribute to the ongoing development of the game.

Angel investors include the first pro-gamer Dennis Fong aka Thresh, Stephen Lim, Co-founder of Valorant and Raid Base, Brian Lee, Co-founder of The Honest Company, Keith Nunziata, Portfolio Manager at Citadel Global Equities, and Jason Zhao, Partner at Kleiner Perkins, amongst others.

The news follows a $10.5 million USD seed funding round led by Griffin Gaming Partners, alongside Polychain Capital and Forte, which took place last October. Since then, the Shrapnel team has grown from seven full-time employees to 30 employees, with hiring efforts ongoing.

Spun-out from HBO Interactive, the Shrapnel team has unmatched experience in transmedia, virtual production, and gaming-as-a-service.

Comprised of BAFTA and Emmy award-winning game industry veterans hailing from some of the world’s leading game companies including Xbox, Electronic Arts, and LucasFilm, amongst others, the Shrapnel team will combine compelling competitive gameplay, with a rich set of community creator tools to deliver an ever-evolving game experience.

Never-before-seen details of Shrapnel’s gameplay released in today’s White Paper describe a tense, competitive environment that creates new immersive player experiences. In this world, a massive asteroid has caused meteorites to bombard a large stretch of Earth, leaving an area known as the Sacrifice Zone uninhabitable and walled off from the rest of the world.

Many speculate about what is being uncovered by guards there, with rumors swirling about a mysterious material called Sigma. Nations and corporations begin assembling their own military and extraction forces and a bloody war rages to control the Sacrifice Zone and its many secrets.

“Community involvement will drive gameplay and development at every stage in Shrapnel including design, roadmap, and aesthetics. Creators will be able to design maps, weapons, and other vanity items to exchange in our marketplace. In line with our belief of decentralized design, players who participate in all aspects of the game will receive reputational scores and get to provide input into game decisions. Ultimately, Shrapnel will be handed over to players, so putting the right controls in place to empower and moderate them is key.”
– Don Norbury, Head of Studio at Shrapnel

In March, Shrapnel also unveiled plans to build on the Avalanche blockchain, capitalizing on the high degree of customization and flexibility that it offers for ever-evolving projects.

With its high speeds and processing power, Avalanche is well-equipped to enable the quick loading speeds and smooth player experience that Shrapnel players will expect.

The White Paper and further details of the game can be found here.


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