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Micropayment app Dropp receives fresh grant from Hedera » CryptoNinjas


The HBAR Foundation, an accelerator organization behind enterprise-grade public network Hedera, announced today it has provided a grant to Dropp.cc, a micropayment app for fiat and cryptocurrency.

Dropp facilitates micropayments in US dollars; Hedera’s native token HBAR, and soon USDC.

Built on the Hedera Hashgraph network, a distributed ledger delivering high-performance, Dropp offers a pay-per-use pricing option to merchants.

Sushil Prabhu, Dropp Founder & CEO

“The grant from The HBAR Foundation allows us to incentivize new customers with a $5 credit toward their first purchase. We want consumers to have a first-hand experience making a digital purchase or making micro-donations or tips. Dropp offers new purchasing options to consumers and an extremely easy-to-use experience to make small-value purchases. We want consumers to try out Dropp. This grant is the catalyst that will help boost the adoption of small value purchases.”
– Sushil Prabhu, CEO & Chairman at Dropp


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