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Delysium selects Polygon to build its AI-powered decentralized gaming experience » CryptoNinjas

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Delysium, an AI-powered, player-owned AAA web3 game, today announced an integration with Polygon to launch its open-world MMORPG. The integration follows the Delysium $4 million private token sale, led by Galaxy Interactive, Republic Crypto, and Alameda Research.

By harnessing Polygon, Delysium aims to create the ultimate, large-scale, decentralized gaming experience. Players’ ownership over Delysium’s game assets (tokens, NFTs, game resources, etc.) will be fully decentralized and interoperable among various compatible blockchains quickly, reducing the cost of play and revenue acquisition for users.

Additionally, Delysium and Polygon Studios — the NFT and gaming arm of Polygon — will work together on technical solutions, game distribution, asset expansion, industry resources, branding, and other aspects to promote the rapid development and launch of Delysium.

Billing itself as a cyberpunk style, open-world, MMORPG, Delysium allows players to earn loot boxes by joining various game modes, including PVE and PVP. Players can then sell earned items in the Delysium marketplace, use them to upgrade their character and equipment, or craft user-generated content (UGC).

In addition to its play-and-earn mechanism, Delysium also features a bedrock of in-game NPCs powered by artificial intelligence (AI). Notably, these AI-driven NPCs can be purchased or rented by the player and set to work to complete tasks and earn passive income for the user character.

Known as ‘MetaBeings,’ these AI-powered NPCs can be used by the player to carry out automated yield farming within the game and perform all the tasks that the player would normally do by themselves. MetaBeings are algorithmically designed to learn the most effective player behaviors over time.

They will involve in the production, acquisition, utilization, and consumption of data in the virtual world, generating more diverse digital content and experiences. MetaBeings can be upgraded by the player as the game progresses until they are virtually indistinguishable from actual human users.

“Delysium presents a unique user experience that exemplifies what can be achieved via the blockchain. We’re pleased to be supporting them in their mission to become the first AAA-rated web3 game.”
– Ishan Negi, Chief Of Staff Polygon Studios

Polygon’s sustainable layer-2 Ethereum scaling platform offers a fast, scalable, and ultra-low fee environment for web3 game development.

The Polygon ecosystem includes gaming and NFT apps such as OpenSea, Upshot, Aavegotchi, Zed Run, Horizon Games’ Skyweaver, Decentraland, Megacryptopolis, Neon District, Cometh, and Decentral.

“Polygon has emerged as one of the leading platforms for quality web3 game projects, and we’re honored to be counted among them. By harnessing Polygon’s powerful Ethereum scaling solution, we’ll be able to provide a safer, faster, and more efficient user experience deserving of a AAA web3 game.” 
– Yuheng Chan, CEO of rct AI & Delysium

Delysium is expected to launch by the middle of 2022.

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