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Coinbase Cloud launches new suite of developer tools for Avalanche blockchain » CryptoNinjas


Coinbase, the popular bitcoin exchange & crypto services company, has announced that Coinbase Cloud, its offering of web3 APIs, services, and blockchain infrastructure, has rolled out a new suite of infrastructure tools and solutions for the growing Avalanche blockchain ecosystem.

Presently, Avalanche has $11 billion in total value locked and 185 protocols being built on its blockchain. This new suite of tools offered by Coinbase Cloud for interacting with and building on the Avalanche blockchain will help developers create and grow their crypto products utilizing:

  • Coinbase Cloud’s new public validator that delegators can use to stake their AVAX easily and securely.
  • The Coinbase Wallet SDK to access the Avanache ecosystem via Coinbase Wallet.
  • Data from the Avalanche blockchain with Coinbase Cloud’s Query & Transact read/write infrastructure.

Avalanche is a scalable smart contracts platform for decentralized apps, with a focus on high transaction throughput, near-instant finality, and low fees.

“The Coinbase Cloud team offers the technical expertise, security best practices, and deep understanding of protocols that will make them one of the important contributors to Avalanche. We are excited for what’s to come and to build the web3 future with Coinbase Cloud.”
– Jay Kurahashi-Sofue, VP of Marketing at Ava Labs

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