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Ankr launches its new crypto cross-chain gaming SDK » CryptoNinjas

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Ankr, a multi-blockchain infrastructure provider, today announced it has launched a new software development kit (SDK) that makes it easy for game developers to integrate web3 and crypto capabilities.

The new Ankr Unity SDK gives game developers everything they need to create a blockchain-based game, from best-in-class web3 infrastructure to NFTs, marketplaces, and multi-chain wallet integrations.

“Our SDKs help game studios connect their game to web3 on both the popular Unity and Unreal engines (Unreal will be released soon). Save an incredible amount of time with readymade solutions so you can get to market faster.”
– The Ankr Team

Blockchain, Crypto, and NFT Integrations

Ankr’s SDK offers all the solutions needed to bring a game full blockchain, crypto, and web3 capabilities.

  • Integrate Web3 Wallets – Let players connect crypto wallets for flawless UX with in-game transactions.
  • Build Best in Class NFT Monetization Strategies – Access easy integrations for minting, renting, and trading NFTs for any assets in a development environment.
  • Optimized for Mobile Web3 – Players get a responsive and enjoyable mobile experience.
  • Create a Seamless Multi-Chain Experience – Have a game detect and connect to multiple chains and switch between them quickly.
  • Launch and Distribute Game Tokens – Create in-game currency and circulate it to players.

Different Blockchains to Choose From

  • Build on More Chains: Have a game run on BSC, Ethereum, Polygon, Fantom, Avalanche, and more.
  • Subnet Cross-Chain: Integrate with the future of subnets on chains like Binance, which enables developers to build games on their own chain, while connecting to other subnets as needed

GameFi Earning Solutions For Players

Realize the potential of decentralized finance in gaming. Offer players more ways to earn in-game with available integrations for staking, DEXs, lending applications, and much more.

Seamless Experience After Launch

High-performance Ankr Protocol nodes ensure in-game currency and NFT transactions go through quickly and easily, without disrupting gameplay.

Enterprise-grade nodes are operated by independent providers all around the world, giving global users a more reliable, fast, and efficient experience no matter their location.

Handle Extreme Gaming Traffic & Scale

Ankr Protocol node providers adhere to the highest performance benchmarks and technical specifications, gaming infrastructure can scale to growing demand.

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