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Needle Felting with Gotland Wool

Even if you have been needle felting for a while there is still so much to learn about fibres.  Today I wanted to share an awesome resource with you so that you can learn more for yourself, to help you make smart decisions when choosing the fibres you want to work with.  What ever your style, your techniques and needs for your work, the kind of fibre you choose to work with makes a difference.  And those choices can either make it harder or easier to get the results you desire.

Over at Bear Creek Felting you can go through this awesome series of information collected up in easy to reference pages with one for each kind of fibre that you may encounter.  Where we live in the world does have some baring on what kind of fibre we can source, so often asking for help online in felting groups you don’t always get the information you need based on your location.  And what works for one person and their types of projects, might not work for you.


The gurus at Bear Creek cover pretty much anything you might come across, from the finest to the coarsest, the straightest to the crimpiest.  Learn how to read the microns in the fibre so you know what to order from suppliers who use this measurement to reference their products!

Needle Felting with Jacob Wool

It’s a wealth of information that you won’t find so easily available anywhere so I highly recommend you have a read, take notes, discover what you should be buying for your needs and write it all down.  So the next time you are placing an order or rummaging through your local store, you are informed and knowledgeable to make the right decisions.  There’s nothing worse than boxes filled with fibre that you really aren’t happy using or even worse, just never use at all!

Get straight to the collection here and while you at Bear Creek have a look around, you will learn so much!

Happy felting!



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