Welcome the Holiday Season with Zulily!

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It’s officially November, which means you now have permission to start playing Mariah Carey’s Christmas album and bust out that tree! 
I like to start all my Christmas prep and gift buying EARLY so I can relax and focus on my family.
Whether you’re an early bird like me, or a procrastinator, Zulily is the place to shop for unique gift ideas and festive ways to deck the halls.

Did you know when you purchase something on Zulily on a Friday, you get free shipping the rest of the weekend? I love that!
Many items are ready to ship too!

I’ve rounded up 13 unique products to kick off the holiday season with, and a few gift ideas that will be just perfect for that one person you’ve been wondering what to get!


Personalized Monogram Ornament:  We like to gift personalized gifts to our friends and neighbors. These monogram ornaments are so pretty! Whomever gets one of these will be able to put it on their tree year after year, and always think of you!

AirFort Barn:  You will WIN Christmas with this gift idea. It’s a fort that inflates with a regular box fan! I am in love with this barn style and I feel like my kids could spend hours in it.

Harry Potter Air Pictionary:  I’m a sucker for a good game, but what happens when you combine a classic with Harry Potter? Harry Potter Pictionary happens. And don’t you worry, there is a WAND involved. 

Holiday Barbie:  I couldn’t help but remember Christmases as a little girl when I saw this classic! My grandma had every Holiday Barbie made and always had them set out in the guest room. What a collection! Why not have the same tradition with YOUR kids starting with this pretty Holiday version.

Spode Christmas Serving Tray:  This is such a high quality dishware line, and this tray in particular caught my eye. Great way to display your holiday treats, or an option to give to a home baker. You can shop the whole line HERE 

Felt Christmas tree:  Is your toddler constantly messing with your Christmas tree? Don’t you fear, felt Christmas trees are here. This set comes with lots of ornaments they can use to adorn the (unbreakable) tree.

Green and Red Holly Tulle Dress: Is there anything better than a little girl in a sweet Christmas dress? I love the watercolor holly design and the pop of tulle on this one. It looks like something from a boutique, but the price is much better!

Matching Family Christmas PJ’s: Is any holiday season complete without matching family PJ’s? No way! Here are LOTS of options at affordable price points for the whole family.

Ugly Christmas tees and sweaters:  Lots of you are planning ugly Christmas sweater parties, so why not snag the best? I mean, can you EVEN with the Golden Girls version? Perfection.

Grey Wicker Tree Collar:  We’re seeing a lot of trees adorned with tree collars again this year. I love the look of this wicker version!

“How the Crayons Saved Christmas” book: This is probably one of my top 3 favorite series of children’s books of all time. They are absolutely hilarious! I love that there is a Christmas themed version. This is a a great gift idea for ANY kid!

Christmas personalized address stamp:  Do you send out Christmas cards? These personalized address stamps are such an easy solution. Just stamp and you’re done! This will save your hand a lot of pain and add a wonderful personal touch to all your mail.


There you have it! Zulily is killing it in the holiday department. You can snag decor, gifts, and MORE all at incredibly low prices. 
Remember, Zulily has new deals each day so check back daily for tons of new things!

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