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The Future of Cryptocurrency: 6 Experts' Opinion on Cryptocurrency Investing – Robert Kiyosaki

In 2021, Bitcoin hit all-time high prices, it experienced a major crash, regulations from the Government, and buy-in from major companies. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies became a pop-culture phenomenon thanks to investors like Elon Musk.

While predictions for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are nearly impossible, experts will be watching issues like regulation and institutional acceptance of crypto payments in the next months to get a clearer feel of the market.

The Rich Dad Radio Show hosted six different experts in 2021 to discuss what they’re paying attention to in the crypto space. In this episode, you’ll hear a compilation from conversations with Jeff Booth, Robert Breedlove, Anthony Pompliano, Jeff Wang, Tom Wheelwright, and Raoul Pal. 

00:00 Jeff Booth
03:14 Anthony Pompliano
04:54 Robert Breedlove
06:56 Tom Wheelwright
09:42 Jeff Wang
12:01 Raoul Pal

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  1. Play the Prince and the pauper in one, many sitting in shabby apartment and houses but they are starting to hold the golden snitch , being knowledge the understanding of the con we perpetrated on ourselves and gave away our liberty to those who kept it.
    We come out at the last. When the crash comes you stash , gold silver antiques paintings books wine etc. Ride the storm but keep those physical assets. Buy assets when they drop as robert is saying.👍
    Worth moves but assets stay as physical assets.

  2. Please someone should help here…I Iost over $5000 on live trade, I thought live trade is the same as demo trade because I was winning with my demo account. Please this is quite annoying and frustrating, what should I do please ?

  3. I don't care if you bought bitcoin at $1,.. it has no intrinsic value, it earns no income, it earns no dividends, it's not backed by anything other than the greater fool. And it's useless as a currency because it's very volatile. Batguano-coin would make a better currency. It has value relative to bitcoin.

    I don't care how much energy it takes to "mine", at some point it will crash to the value it deserves and they'll look back (it may take 20 years) and say,… mygawd we thought people buying pet rocks were stupid,… bit-coin is the epitome of stupid.

  4. This accountant is horrible. Our Constitution has gold and silver as currency. That can't be taxed legally. If people are paying those gains to the IRS, they don't know the law and the IRS is illegally enforcing something they can't constitutionally.

  5. I still can not wrap my head around an invisible currency. How can a bitcoin be worth 12 million US dollars by 2031?? If we are on a digital currency by then, then the US dollar will be worth nothing and most likely not be used. So how the hell can an invisible coin be worth a printed money that isn't in use anymore? I have tried for the last 10 years of my life to understand "digital currency" and it sill sounds like a bigger scam than the FED's money printer.

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