Special Olympics and the FIBA Foundation Sign New MOU for Inclusion

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(From left to right) Alexander Soriano, Lou Lauria, Hamane Niang and Andreas Zagklis pen MOU in Manilla

Special Olympics International and the FIBA Foundation have come together to sign a new two-year MOU, Memorandum of Understanding, as they continue their individual and combined efforts to promote basketball as a tool for social development. The MOU was signed on 9 September at the FIBA Foundation’s Gala Dinner in Manila, Philippines, a day before the final of FIBA Basketball World Cup. “We are happy to continue to grow the FIBA and Basketball For Good Family through this partnership,” said FIBA Secretary General Andreas Zagklis. “Inclusiveness is a big part of the FIBA Foundation’s present and future activities, and by joining our efforts with Special Olympics, we are making basketball more accessible to all globally.”

FIBA Foundation’s goal is the promotion and development of sporting, cultural, educational and social activities through its Basketball For Good projects. The FIBA Foundation combines its power in international basketball with organizations such as Special Olympics to create a more inclusive environment for people with and without intellectual disability to participate in sport.

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Special Olympics Pilipinas basketball player and Board member, Alexander Soriano, speaking at the Gala and MOU signing

Alexander Soriano, Special Olympics Pilipinas basketball player and Board member made his way to the Gala Dinner to remark on the continued efforts made possible by the MOU signing.

With Special Olympics’ 10,000+ global sporting events each year, an inclusive sport for all can become a reality as the two parties sign the MOU. The relationship is built on the work the two parties have done over the last four years since the original partnership between the organizations was formed.

Special Olympics’ Chief of Sport and Competition, Lou Lauria commented, “Basketball is a truly global and powerful force for social impact. The FIBA Foundation harnesses this power and puts sport at the service of humanity by creating inclusive communities, providing access to education, and driving gender equity. It is these same tenets that drive the Special Olympics movement and create the bond that has built this partnership.”

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Special Olympics athletes at FIBA Open 2023

About the FIBA Foundation

The FIBA Foundation is the social and legacy arm of FIBA that addresses the role of sports and particularly basketball in society, preserving and promoting basketball’s values and its cultural heritage.

The FIBA Foundation believes that basketball has the power to empower, educate and inspire youth and facilitates this by implementing Basketball For Good projects around the world.

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