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Desi Sk Production

bhai shiba inu ko chodo uske bhai ka batao shiba lite tokken jo shiba killer ka naam se jana ja raha hai plz explain 🤑🤑🤑✌️✌️✌️🤑🤑🤑👉

Charles Delaney

The market will be very Favourable now due to the rapid growth of Bitcoin which is $64k, The rich won't disclose it so don't be fooled, it's right time to invest, Christmas is on the way

Raguel Lanora

💬The fact is, BTC is the future of crypto and the questions traders ask themselves now if this is right time to invest? Before jumping into conclusion i think you should take a look at things first. For the past few days the price of BTC has been fluctuating which means the market is currently unstable and you cant tell if it is going bearish or bullish. while others still continue to trade without the fear of making lose, others are being patient. it all depends on the pattern with which you trade and also the source of your signals. i would say trading has been going smoothly for me, i started with 3 BTC and i have accumulated over 11.7 BTC in just three weeks, with the trading strategy given to me by expert trader Tony Smith

Riding Flame

Bro tumse chat kaise kre?

Right now iska price 4460 h ap 5020 bata rahe ho

pritom saikot

First viewer

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