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Phemex Mobile App Offers First Class Crypto Trading Even When You’re On The Go

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Every crypto trader knows how frustrating it can be when there is an opportunity for a great trade but they aren’t by their computer. This is the reason why Phemex has launched its mobile app on both the Android and iOS platforms. The app offers a premium trading experience even when you are on the go. It is a powerful tool for making important market moves; all in the palm of your hands!

Unlike most crypto trading apps in the space, which offer clunky and hard-to-navigate UIs, the Phemex mobile app features an intuitive UI designed exclusively with the needs of the users in mind. It’s so simple to use that even beginners have no problem navigating through the app. It offers all functions a user might need including spot trading, deposits, trading bonus, derivatives markets, etc, all right on the Home Screen. This saves users the hassle of having to figure out where these features are.

The Best Of Crypto, All In One App

The Phemex mobile app offers everything that a trader can think of. It facilitates various types of trading accounts as well as one of the fastest and most seamless deposits and withdrawal options. For example, a user can simply click Deposits straight from the Home Screen, fund their wallets, and begin trading with no hassle. Instead of just offering an option to copy a wallet address for deposits, it also offers the option of simply scanning a QR code to make a deposit.

When it comes to trading activities such as shorting or longing for a digital asset, no one does it better than Phemex. The crypto exchange offers traders the option to long and short a single asset if they desire. On the cross-margin side, users can create sub-accounts from which they can easily transfer coins in and out. This protects the user from having their entire portfolio liquidated if a trade goes wrong since a sub-account is a completely different portfolio that is unaffected by the main account or other sub-accounts.

The app also features a crypto converter feature. What this does is allow users to be able to quickly convert any cryptocurrency into USD. They are also able to send the funds directly to the contract trading wallet, which makes Phemex one of the only platforms to allow this.

For contract trading, traders can easily access it by clicking the Contract button provided on the Home Screen. Users can also see all of the trading charts in this feature which they can use for asset analysis and trading decisions. It features a variety of order types including stop limits and other advanced trading options.

Why You Should Use Phemex

Using Phemex is one of the best decisions a crypto trader can make. It features a highly competitive fee structure alongside offering a wide range of token listings and deep liquidity for traders. Designed with the community in mind, Phemex provides quick order execution alongside its intuitive interface.

The crypto exchange is also putting on events and offers where traders are able to benefit massively. Trading competitions are held yearly where traders are able to share from a large prize pool. And that’s not all–Phemex users are able to benefit just by referring others to the platform thanks to our bonus reward referral system.

Using the Phemex mobile app keeps traders afloat on everything that is happening in the crypto market. It updates them on the latest news and events, as well as notifying them of what offers are live.

Traders should note though that certain tokens can attract high withdrawal fees. This varies based on the token. The Phemex derivatives market also does not carry the same level of liquidity due to the fact that it is still a relatively young exchange.

However, given the age of the crypto exchange, it is quite impressive the wide range of features and benefits it offers. It features an excellent and accessible customer support desk that is available 24/7 to handle any issues that traders might run into.

The exchange has since grown to more than two million active users across over 200 countries. With its mobile app, it provides even more access to crypto traders and investors, regardless of whether they are beginners or experts. It was the first major exchange to introduce an optional membership model for zero spot trading fees.

Phemex has been breaking barriers since its inception in 2019 and it does not intend to stop anytime soon.

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