OM System OM-1 is the first Olympus camera after buyout

(Pocket-lint) – In October last year, Olympus sold its camera business to a Japanese investment fund, retiring the Olympus brand name for its cameras.

The cameras now fall under the ‘OM System’ brand, and with the announcement of the OM-1, we get our first look at what life will be like post-Olympus.

If the OM-1 name sounds familiar, you may be remembering Olympus’ classic 35mm SLR that launched the OM line back in 1972.

Make no mistake, though, the new OM-1 is a high spec mirrorless shooter that uses the brand’s favoured Micro Four Thirds lens system.

Interestingly, the OM-1 still features Olympus branding on the camera body, but the company told DPreview that this is will likely be the last time it is present.

When it comes to specs, the OM-1 uses a new 20MP stacked CMOS sensor and an upgraded processor. The processor allows for the capturing of still images at a staggering 120 frames per second in full manual mode.

With autofocus and autoexposure on it slows down a bit but can still achieve an impressive 50 frames per second.

The OM-1 can also shoot 4K 60fps video for up to 90 minutes on one battery and that extends to two hours if external power is used.

The body looks to be in line with typical Olympus stylings but is a completely new design. It’s not just on the outside, either, the menu system has also been reworked.

It features a lovely 5.76 million dot OLED viewfinder and a 3-inch flip-out touchscreen on the rear.

Those interested will have to be prepared to shell out a bit as the body only version comes in at $2,199. It’s also available as a kit with a refreshed 12-40mm f2.8 lens for $2,799.

Olympus shooters, and really anyone invested in the Micro Four Thirds ecosystem, will certainly be happy to see new high-end cameras continuing to support the platform.

If you’re keen to pick one up, the OM System OM-1 will be available from early March and preorders are live now.


Writing by Luke Baker.

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