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We’re thrilled to partner with KiwiCo on this sponsored post. As moms of two dozen kids (collectively, of course!), we know what kids love and these learning toys are a big hit! Oh, and you’ll get an extra 20% off the lowest price (automatically applied at checkout) on your KiwiCo order here. Bonus!

As a mom of five and an aunt to nearly two dozen, I can tell you this: kids love to make stuff. And they love stuff that explodes, oozes, fizzes, and generally causes a surprise. That’s why I’m always on the lookout for unique gifts that will bring that gigantic grin to their faces.

And when toys can engage kids’ brains and make them go out on a creative limb, that makes moms like me so happy! KiwiCo has some of the most fun and innovative learning toys that get my kids excited. They are hands-on and unlock your little inner scientists, artists, and creators.

These are gifts that will make kids’ eyes light up when they open them and then narrow in as they engage in some serious brain power. If you want to be unique this holiday season, put KiwiCo STEAM projects under the tree.

You might know Kiwi from the20 million crates they’ve shipped out. Well they’ve just launched the new KiwiCo Store where you can buy their adorable kits designed to spark creativity, tinkering, and learning–no subscription required! 

Kiwi projects are geared to kids ages 0-14 and the entire store is 20% off for a limited time so hop over and see what treasures you find. Here are a few favorite KiwiCo learning toys that have been huge crowd-pleasers in our house. 

Volcano Slime

I mean, it’s always a hit, right? And this kit is not as messy as it sounds and older kids can generally do it themselves. Super fun, scientific, and a great price!

Bottle Rocket

You should have seen this kid’s eyes light up when he saw this one! What a fun and out-of-the-box gift that kids will love. 

Crystal Ombre Soapmaking Kit

My girls will go nuts for this one. Kids can learn how to make their own soap bars that actually look like crystals. Hey, anything to make hand washing fun!

Cannonball Launcher

This thing is no measly little launcher; it’s pretty big! And it’s a great winter activity for when you’re stuck indoors. 

Light-Up Wire Art

How cool is this? This kit is great for older kids who like art and want to make a fun decoration for their room. The wires really light up!

Make It Yourself Ice Skating Rink

My five year old daughter will love this one. It’s brand new in the KiwiCo Store and it has gears on the bottom that allow it to turn and turn!

Basketball Catapult

Honestly, I think we’re all kids at heart, especially when it comes to being creative and I think Brad had just as much fun on this little project as Cole did. 

Easy To Assemble

One thing I love about KiwiCo kits is that for all the work that goes into creating them (1000+ hours goes into developing each crate!), they are actually quite easy to put together. Cole is 6-years-old, and while he couldn’t do this alone, with a little guidance, he assembled most of it himself.

From start to finish, it took about 15 minutes. No headaches, no hassles, and most importantly, no bad words said. KiwiCo learning toys are the best!

These two spent some special brother time together having fun and just blowing off steam.

Speaking of steam, or STEAM, rather…all KiwiCo toys are created with science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathmatics. In fact, KiwiCo was founded by an engineer, and mom of three.

I absolutely love that an engineer mom realized that kids deserved toys that could challenge and excite them. 

If you are looking for not just your average toy, but for something special…something that will stimulate creativity and ignite a spark for learning, KiwiCo learning toys are it. Go see all of the fabulous kits available in their store, no subscription required, and make a kid in your life light up.


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