Keeping it Simple with the ‘My First Love’ Collection

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“It’s a boy!” I still remember those words spoken on January 31, 2009. That’s the day I became a mom for the first time!

When that little blonde baby was born, it was like life began – as corny as that sounds. He was perfect.
That being said, I was a new young mom and I didn’t know much about much. 
I remember feeling like I had to read every baby book, and buy every. single. baby product out there.

Fast forward….that baby boy is now 14, and his voice is cracking when he talks. He likes basketball and doesn’t like when his mom tells him to take out the trash. 

I learned, 6 kids later, that NOT all those baby “things” are needed. 
Some were nice, but a baby can really thrive with very little.
Yet, there is one thing every single one of my 6 children has had – clothes from Carter’s!

Carter’s just knows babies (and kids!). They’ve been in the business for over 150 years.
Their clothing is not only darling, but practical and thoughtful.
They recently released new styles in the My First Love collection. 
The My First Love line is a cohesive and comprehensive collection of all the essentials needed for baby’s first months.
It makes dressing baby EASY because all the pieces can be mix and matched.
Plus, all colors and prints work together to build a cohesive wardrobe for your baby’s first year.

The fabrics are so soft, and the details are thoughtful. 
Can you even with some of these prints?

I love that you can mix and match and coordinate so many different combinations.

I also really appreciate that Carter’s thinks ahead about what essentials babies really need when it comes to clothing.
Nightgowns for newborns. Shoulder flaps for easy “on and off”. Body suits for layering. 2-way zip on Sleep & Plays – making diaper changes easier 

They truly work to combine “cuteness” with practicality.

Another thing that really stands out for me is Carter’s use of quality fabrics. So many outfits in this collection are truly soft! They’re made of naturally soft 100% cotton, and every style is OEKO-TEX® certified clean from over 400 chemicals
Plus, we all know babies get really dirty at times. These items wash well and that means they can be used for a long time, and maybe even passed down to younger siblings with the time comes!

This ‘My First Love” collection really allows your baby to MOVE. Whether they’re just learning to scoot or taking their first steps, they’ll be comfortable doing it all! 

The whole line comes in sizes up to 24 months and in gorgeous colors. From a neutral tan to a pretty pink and a baby blue, there’s a color scheme for everyone.

I love how simple the “My First Love” collection makes buying for and dressing baby! You literally have everything you need in one bundle.
They also make wonderful gifts for those Summer baby showers because they’re so classic, you KNOW they will be used!


No doubt the ‘My First Love” collection will be a timeless choice that moms, dads and babies will love for a long time!
Congrats on that sweet little miracle!




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