How to Make Snow – Exclusive Free Printables for Making Snow

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how to make snow

Do you have snow?! I don’t. Sniffle. I’ve been dreaming of a white Christmas but, here in the South, that’s just down right wishful thinking. I was just starting to feel REALLY sorry for myself and, more importantly, my kids, when Chickabug emailed a brilliant idea. With a couple of simple ingredients, and a ridiculously adorable printable, we had a “Can of Snow”! Imported Fresh from the North Pole, I might add. 😉  So on with the How to Make Snow tutorial.

How to Make Snow

How to Make Snow

Don’t you want to touch it?! My kids couldn’t keep their hands off the stuff. I kept having to remind them to move their hands so I could take pictures! 😉

How to Make SnowMake a can of snow

So, how do you make this glorious faux snow?

With 2/3 KOSHER salt, 1/3 cornstarch, and glitter until magical.  How to Make Snow Make a can of snow

  Get those anxious little fingers mixing! Good luck getting them to stop. The texture is so fun!Make a can of snow Make a can of snowMake a can of snow

Fill the cans!

After your kids are done playing with it, (this could be hours), fill your “Can of Snow”. You can get these empty quart-size paint cans for about $2 at any home improvement store. Make a can of snow Make a can of snow Make a can of snow

  Hammer down the lid good and tight.Make a can of snow

 Make sure you add a paint can opener. It’s part of the fun! You can get them free at home improvement stores. Just ask for them when you are purchasing your paint cans. Make a can of snow

The back includes a witty ingredients list, and directions. There is a “TO: FROM:”  This is, by far, the coolest present ever.Make a can of snow

I basically had to rip this can out of the little girl’s hands to put it in the freezer. (Make sure you just chill your faux snow. Freezing it for hours could cause moisture build up and ruin your cute printable.)Make a can of snowHow to Make Snow

  Once it has chilled, get ready for some fun. Have a snow fight (not in the house!), decorate the windowsill, or gift it to friends.Make a can of snow

My kids can’t wait to deliver these cans. Heck, I can’t wait either! It’s pretty magical.Make a can of snowMake a can of snowMake a can of snowMake a can of snow

Note:  This “Can of Snow” is imported fresh from the North Pole. But it may taste like salt if you eat it, so… don’t. 😉

How to Make Snow

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How to Make Snow

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