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How To Make an Embroidered Clasp Purse – Needle Work

Put your hand embroidery and sewing skills to good use and make a lovely clasp purse.  This easy-to-follow tutorial from Tea and a Sewing Machine shows you how.

From start to finish, you will get all of the information needed to make your own creation.  You can use her embroidery pattern or you can design your own.  You will also need a clasp, but the rest of the supplies needed are ones that you probably already have on hand.

Wouldn’t this unique purse make a special gift for a loved one?

This project may not be best suited for beginners, but if you have some sewing and embroidery experience, you should be able to make one.

Click here if you are interested in the free tutorial: How to Sew a Purse With a Clasp Frame

[photo from Tea and a Sewing Machine]

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