Honda Malaysia’s March promo ups the ante, up to RM15k discount now – 2021, 2022 models available

We may be currently in lull between the concluded Chinese New Year celebrations and the start of the fasting month ahead of Hari Raya Aidilfitri, but Honda Malaysia’s monthly sales promo campaign continues for March. The company’s “March On! Rebates” and “Splendid Cash Treats” combine for total savings of up to RM15,000, which is higher than the up to RM12,000 “angpow” in February.

Naturally, the bigger discounts are for cars manufactured in 2021, and it starts from RM4,000 for the CR-V SUV. The City B-segment sedan gets RM5,000 off, which is RM1,000 more than last month. The HR-V and BR-V get RM5,500 and RM7,000 discounts respectively. The big one is for the Accord – the D-segment sedan is yours for RM15,000 off, which is RM3,000 more than in February.

Even for selected models manufactured in 2022, the rebates are bigger than what was offered last month (RM1,000 across the board, except for the Accord, which received RM3,000 off). In March, the BR-V, CR-V and HR-V all get RM1,000 off, but the City’s discount is doubled to RM2,000. The 2022 Accord’s discount is now RM4,000.

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No new Civic though – the 11th-generation FE is piping hot off the wok and no extra incentives are needed. Launched in January, the Civic now comes with a turbo engine and Honda Sensing as standard across the board. The C-segment sedan is priced from RM125,635 for the E to RM144,350 for the new RS.

So, if you already have an eye on a new Honda, this is a good opportunity to get some savings on top of the the sales tax exemption that’s valid till June 30 this year. Honda Malaysia’s entire range is CKD locally assembled in Melaka, and all models are eligible for the full 100% SST exemption.

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