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Stitches Events has announced that its business is shut down after 40 plus years of publishing needlecrafting books and producing events.

According to an announcement on their website, the company XRX no longer exists.

“The company is officially in the process of being dissolved,” the statement says. “Per our bankruptcy lawyer’s instructions, all our accounts have been closed, and all our future Stitches events and projects have been cancelled.”

It looks like a Stitches at Home event took place earlier this month and future events were in the planning stages. Embroidery designer Rosanna Diggs, for example, posted the announcement and noted she had future workshops scheduled through Stitches but did not have any more information.

XRX put on large needlework events around the country several times a year before covid shut them down. The most recent in person event was Stitches West, held in March in Sacramento. The company also used to publish books under the XRX imprint, as well as Knitter’s Magazine, which ceased publication in 2016.

The statement says the company is liquidating all business assets and the resulting trust account will be used to pay back creditors. It notes the business “can no longer survive in the present economic climate.”

The big trade shows and events that used to be common in the industry have become less so over the past few years. The National Needle Arts Association used to host a trade show that has been on hiatus since 2020, and their website says they are working on restructuring the group and rebuilding its website. Vogue Knitting Live has gone virtual, but they are planning an in-person event in New York in January 2024.

Interweave Press, which used to publish books and magazines and put on events, has reduced its portfolio after being sold in 2019 to Peak Media Properties. They still put on Yarn Fest, which is happening in Milwaukee later this month and in Lancaster, Penn., in August.

“We’re sorry we couldn’t make it work,” the statement continues. “Please believe us when we tell you we tried.”

Update: A Facebook group has been started for vendors, teachers and others affected by the closure of Stitches. So far there’s no real activity but worth looking into if you fall into those categories.

It’s always sad news when someone in the industry closes their doors, leaving fewer opportunities for teachers and vendors to reach their audience, fewer companies publishing craft content and fewer ways for people to learn and build community. I’ll update this post if more information becomes available.

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