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Free Spirit Stitching – Cross-Stitch

Mother’s Day is a great time to show mom you care, and what better way to do that than by making her something? I still love all the weird little things my daughter has made me for Mother’s Day and other occasions, and older kids (including adults) can make sweet cross stitch projects to give to mom any time of year.

I recently shared a few other Mother’s Day cross stitch patterns, but I wanted to show you some heart cross stitch patterns, which (other than the one that says mom) can be made for anyone you love at any time of year.

Speaking of the one that says mom, this one is from Purple Leaf Design on Etsy. It uses seven colors and is 50 by 47 stitches. That’s 3.57 by 3.36 inches on 14-count fabric. This one is inspired by the iconic mom tattoo, with a lot less pain involved. It only uses full cross stitches so it’s great for a new stitcher.

Make a pattern of hearts within a heart with this cute pattern from Cleo and Co. Stitch. This one uses just three colors so it’s super easy, and at 43 by 41 stitches it should be pretty fast to stitch, too.

Or get the look of a lace doily in your heart design with Little Polish Needle’s pattern. This is a bigger project, at 146 by 125 stitches, it comes out to about 10.6 by 9 inches on 14 count fabric. But what’s great about this one is that it uses variegated thread, so it actually only takes one color to stitch this design (you could use a solid color, too, if you prefer).

And because I’m a knitter by nature I couldn’t resist sharing this knit heart cross stitch pattern. Offered by Cross Stitch Foxy on Etsy, this one uses eight colors. It measures 91 by 80 stitches, or 6.5 by 5.7 inches stitched on 14-count fabric. It’s perfect for the knitting mom in your life!


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