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Barbara Kingsolver just won the Pulitzer Prize for her book Demon Copperhead, but in addition to being an amazing writer she is also a knitter.

She recently released her first (that I know of, anyway) knitting pattern, designed with Andrea Cull, inspired by her book The Lacuna.

The Lacuna Mitts are long colorwork mitts worked from the bottom up, with a variety of colorwork motifs inspired by the book. The design uses six colors and there are two sizes available, with a change in needle size making the change in project size.

The pattern is available exclusively on the Knitrino app, a new app that aims to connect knitters with independent designers and make your knitting life a little easier.

The app is free to download (and when I did it gave me a hat pattern for free) and you buy patterns right inside the app. The projects are broken down step by step so it’s easy to track your progress. Patterns with charts can also be shown as text, and you can easily keep your place in the chart as you go. Another cool thing you can do is change the colors on the chart to match the colors you are knitting with rather than the ones the designer used.

Charts and patterns can also be sized to fit whatever device you’re using, and you can click in the pattern and add notes. You also have a personal pattern section where you can add photos, pattern notes, what size knitting needles you used, etc.

Knitrino is run by two knitting sisters, and as of this writing has 24 patterns available for purchase. The app says they will have new patterns monthly, and I’m sure there will be more as designers hear about it and want to have their designs offered there.

You can check out Knitrino on their website or download the app where you do that.

[Photo via Barbara Kingsolver on Facebook.]

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