Flavor Flav Arrested On Domestic Battery Charges | News

Public Enemy co-founder Flavor Flav was arrested on domestic battery charges earlier this month in Las Vegas, Nev. Now his lawyer is speaking out about the allegations, vowing that the rapper will be heard.

According to TMZ, an Oct. 5 criminal complaint states the 62-year-old is accused of poking a woman in the nose, throwing her down and grabbing her phone. It’s unknown if Flav knew the victim.

The Henderson Police Department booked Flav, born William Drayton Jr.,and he was charged with misdemeanor battery constituting domestic violence.

David Chesnoff, Flav’s attorney, told TMZ, “In alleged domestic violence cases, there are often 2 sides to the story and we will explain our side in the courtroom and not in the media.”

Flav has not made a public statement on his arrest. However, on Tuesday (Oct. 19) he celebrated one  year of sobriety, tweeting, “1 year up,,, lotz more to go,,, next year I pray my whole family will be walkin the same path I am.”

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