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Enjin Will Be A $50 Billion Cryptocurrency- Here’s WHY

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prageeth adikari

Enj, Vra ane Bepro are my picks. They all have superb potential.

Harold Garcia

The supply doesn't mean anything… ETH WAS ALMOST infinite 😂 and look the price


This was a bad call

Conservative Amber

Subbed and Liked 👍

Conservative Amber

I hope so
Bought $800US of Enjin a few months ago and UFO Gaming 🛸


Enjin vs Sandbox – which is better?


r we getting some AAA third person or Ist person shooter type such as fortnight game on crypto?


Should I buy Enjin coin (ENJ), Aave Enjin (aENJ), or Enjinstarter (EJS)? Seems like ENJ from other comments.

Big Boi

One of the worst videos I’ve seen

westie panther

Enjin will partner up with Microsoft in may


Yeah.. I believe it, but the circulation supply is too much. It would need to be 100billion in market cap to reach 100 dollars. I don't think there will ever be another bitcoin. Solana is the next eth I believe.

Adasia Adasia


Napoleon Vo

Maybe 2030


It says 943 million circulating supply on Coinbase

Amy Levine

Great video!

KD Pirahna



What about ALU?

Jess Miller

Have you'll been following up crypto trends lately ?,,the use of the auto smart trading system is best in terms of the bear market ,cus it's a versatile trading system that trades on more than crypto just to make up your estimated daily profits returns into your personal account.

Big Lee

The economy is awesome if you work with your hands

Big Lee

I apologize for your name “Michael Scott”

deividas malaska

Dumbest shit I've heard

Eugénia Mathieu

With 15k you can have 20-50 dollars allocation and we can make More as x20 or x30, and Don t forget this month for exemple is 10 ido and a very big ido when you make in every ido 500 dollars in ein month you refund your investissement

Walter Ski

Nice couple but what is your background that makes you crypto experts and analysts?


What about glow token it is doing some serious growth can you do a video about it?

fausto huezo

Enjin is doing something, but GalaGames is the actually impacting the gaming industry, simply because of the game dev studios jumping in to the point that axie is no match, literally the guys behind halo 2, Call of duty and other titles just jumped in, also waking dead and other big names because the connections they have and the approach of the project has the experience behind it to do a major impact to the gaming industry and bring new people to the space

Jeffery Jeff

I know nothing about trading and tbh I won’t start but I always wondered. If you was to buy a particular amount of a crypto currency, if it started to drop in value why do people panic sell? I would’ve thought that u could hold or something as surely the price would go back up again. Or is there a limit to how long u can hold? Probably talking absolute shite

38 games… Hmmm , that seems low to me but I'm new here. Aren't they currently tryin to win a polkadot parachain?

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