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Easter Eggs, Easter Bunnies…..Why not put both together! Fun tutorial! – Felting


I’m just loving this idea from Living Felt, they have incorporated bunnies into their Easter egg creations and in doing so you get these awesome, chubby/chunky easter buns!

Wooly Wednesday Episodes 2021

You can follow along with the youtube tutorial and get the basics on making these bunnies in 2 ways.  You will learn how to make ears and eye lids with a store bought felt base which gives them a slightly different look to other techniques.

Wooly Wednesday LIVE

You will also learn how to thread joint a head and how to attach arms and legs.  I even learned how to make little toes with a technique I’d not seen done before.

I love the idea of decorating the eggs and then adding the body parts so they really look like easter eggs that just happen to be bunnies too!

I hope you will enjoy this project, you can always count on Living Felt to come up with something great!

Happy Felting



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