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Crypto tech platform Fireblocks unveils new \’Web3 Engine\’ with suite of developer tools » CryptoNinjas

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Fireblocks, a blockchain infrastructure & crypto tech provider, announced today the launch of a new, dedicated ‘Web3 Engine’ with a suite of tools for developers to build DeFi, GameFi, and NFT products.

Also, Fireblocks’ new web3 engine allows developers to easily build dApps on top of Fireblocks’ tech stack or securely access the full range of existing web3 apps.

“As we already provide a secure platform and a suite of dev tools for businesses to build digital assets and crypto businesses, unlocking access to web3 was an important next step. Now, with a fully tailored experience for connecting to web3, we aim to accelerate the launch of a new wave of super apps.” 
– Michael Shaulov, CEO of FIreblocks

In order to interact with web3 applications, users have to connect to these websites via a crypto wallet. Any mismanagement of private keys will create a security risk that could put billions of dollars of user or investor funds at risk.

As the emerging sector becomes a more appealing target for hackers, Fireblocks is enabling the next generation of web3 companies like Animoca, Stardust, MoonPay, Xternity Games, Griffin Gaming, Wirex, Celsius, and Utopian Labs with the ability to provide the highest level of protection against human error and malicious attacks by hackers.

For gaming studios, NFT services, and institutions planning to build web3 products, Fireblocks provides a comprehensive and secure suite of web3 solutions.

The new Fireblocks’ Web3 Engine includes: 

  • Web3 custody technology for powering the creation and direct custody of millions of end-user wallets.
  • Connectivity across 35+ blockchain networks like OpenSea, Rarible, Uniswap, Aave Arc, dYdX, and secure access to top dApps directly from the Fireblocks console.
  • A tokenization engine to manage the full lifecycle for whitelisting, minting, burning, and token transfers, including NFT and gaming assets from top blockchains with EVM and non-EVM compatibilities.
  • Rest API and SDKs to access all of Fireblocks’ features via an easy-to-use code library with detailed documentation.
  • Treasury management for secure storage, transfer, and yield opportunities.
  • Advanced policy control to web3 access and transactions to set amount limits for transfers for any smart contracts to better manage risk.


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