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Coinbase Commerce expands merchant access to crypto payment acceptance with Primer | by Coinbase | May, 2022

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TL;DR: Our latest integration with Primer will enable merchants to quickly and easily add cryptocurrency acceptance into their checkout experiences.

As the payments ecosystem continues to evolve, the checkout experience is getting even more complex. Consumers are faced with an increasing number of options for payment, and it’s crucial for merchants to ensure that consumers are offered maximum flexibility otherwise they risk losing business. For business owners, establishing and managing all of the connections needed to provide this flexibility can be convoluted, expensive, and time consuming. 40% of consumers surveyed globally said they planned to use cryptocurrency to make a payment within the next 12 months.* Coinbase’s integration with Primer will help merchants meet this demand by creating a seamless cryptocurrency checkout experience leveraging Coinbase Commerce.

Compass Mining Chief Product Officer Jameson Nunney accurately summed up the value of the integration for merchants: “We love the simplicity of quickly adding new connections like Coinbase and other payment providers within the Primer platform. We believe that this implementation will be instrumental in helping us reach our goal of growing globally and helping more people learn, explore, and mine Bitcoin.”

Primer is the world’s first automation platform for payments and commerce that offers a completely unified checkout and payment infrastructure. Their unique platform means:

  • Merchants can connect and control their entire payment and commerce stack
  • Anyone can build sophisticated payment flows with a no-code editor
  • Any developer can build a connection with their open, agnostic framework

Collaborating with Primer will help make it simpler for mid-market and enterprise merchants across the globe to accept crypto payments with Coinbase Commerce.

Merchants interested in accepting cryptocurrency as a form of payment can learn more by heading to commerce.coinbase.com, and we’ll continue to share updates around integrations with new providers.

* Mastercard New Payments Index, 2021

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