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Cashmerette Appleton Dress Sewing Pattern – Sewing

I recently came across this video series over on Craftsy.com  the “Essential Guide to Sewing with Sheers” and I have to say, it’s a game changer! I’ve always struggled with working with sheer and lightweight fabrics, but this guide has made it so much easier. Sara Alm, the instructor from Apparel Arts, does an amazing job of breaking down each step in a way that’s easy to understand.

From stabilizing to marking, seaming to finishing, Sara covers it all. I love how she shows you how to manipulate patterns to add some seriously cool design details. And the best part? She helps you cut and stabilize these finicky fabrics with confidence.

I also really appreciated learning about all the different types of sheer fabric details like pintucks, pleats, gathers and ruching. And let me tell you, the seam finishes Sara teaches are on another level. French seams, enclosed seams, bias tape necklines and armholes – she covers them all. And the hems! Clean-finished hems, picot hems, baby hems and wide-finished hems – they all look amazing on sheer fabrics.

If you’re looking to up your sewing game and work with sheer and lightweight fabrics, I highly recommend this guide. The techniques taught in this guide will unlock all the elegance of garments made with these exquisite fabrics. Trust me, you won’t regret it!

Get the book here: “Essential Guide to Sewing with Sheers”

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