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Best Crypto Staking Strategy for 2022!! (Staking Cryptocurrency)

Best cryptocurrency staking strategy = how to stake cryptocurrency and crypto staking tutorial

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0:00 Best crypto staking strategy
0:45 Why compounding works
3:22 Method 1: Crypto lending
5:52 Method 2: Crypto staking
7:03 Method 3: Crypto arbitrage
8:23 My low risk crypto staking strategy
11:15 My medium risk crypto staking strategy
13:37 My high risk crypto staking strategy

Celsius Network:
Pionex bots:
Ho to use Polygon
How to use Avalanche
How to use Aave
How to use BSC
How to use Anchor

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  1. Hi what I want to know is If you connect to a site through your ledger nano x to stake your coins Does this give the site access to all coins on your ledger and could they be stolen if the site was a scam site I would be so grateful of an answer Thank you so much 😊👍

  2. James…How is it possible for Celcius to pay out ~10% APY on lending stablecoins? That means that they are then using your stablecoins to consistently make more than 10%, which is insane. This seems too good to be true.

  3. So im looking into this now on blockfi, and after you've converted fiat to USDT on your exchange, paid transfer fees and finally withdrawn you're looking more like 6% (before tax) on a year long loan as opposed to the 9.5% adevertised. Not as much as US inflation, but better than any bank in terms of return – just have fear that USDT regulation is coming this year and how safe USDT is.

  4. Hi James, great video. One question I have is I don't understand why investors don't hop from high paying DAO to another earning 100,000%+ APY eahc time and accumulate wealth that way? I'm very new to this so would like some clarity as to why traders don't use high paying staking cryptos as they seem far too good to pass up on. I understand some are rugpulls but was just hoping you, or anyone else could explain. Thanks

  5. Hello, I'm actually looking for a good trader that can help me trade and make good profit, I've been seeing so many recommendations but I don't think they are trusted. Please do you have any recommendations?

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