A Whole Child Approach to Supporting Positive Student Behavior 

Educators and leaders know that systematically improving student behavior requires an understanding of the many factors that can affect behavior—from school climate, to student mindsets, to teacher training.

It’s important to look at the root causes of student misbehavior and to consider how social-emotional learning may play a preventative role. A whole child approach proactively supports positive student behaviors.

This webinar will cover how to:

  • Shift from a transactional to a relational approach to supporting students’ social and academic growth  
  • Hear El Paso Independent School District’s district-wide approach to supporting the whole child, including differentiated professional development, school culture and climate teams, and continuous improvement 
  • Learn how El Paso ISD reduced disciplinary offenses through examining student voice data on school climate and social-emotional skills 
  • Preview a new tool to track and report on disciplinary incidents to understand and improve behavior across your school sites 

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