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15 Fresh Samplers Stitched with Wool – Needle Work

Make a contemporary crewelwork sampler.

Discover crewel stitching with brilliant wool and joyful motifs that will enliven any room. Jo Avery invites stitchers of all skill levels to tackle this traditional legacy craft and create eye-catching masterpieces! Using wool thread and felt appliqué, add texture and dimension. Stitch flowers, honeycombs, fish, and a variety of other items. Embroiders, cross-stitchers, and curious crafters wishing to broaden their skill set will appreciate the variety of hand stitches and instructional pictures that accompany each design. Relax and unwind with this interactive art form!

15 new designs give classic crewelwork embroidery a new lease on life
Beginners are welcome! Basic and advanced embroidery stitches are illustrated in detail.
Make pincushions, pillows, wallhangings, hoops, and other items.  Modern Crewel Embroidery.

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